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POS&POP media

Point-of-sale communication influences customers' impulse buying decisions. We can help you choose the right media, graphics and processing to make your campaign a success. We produce POS in materials such as wood, metal, plastic and cardboard and can produce them in less traditional materials to meet the client's vision and match their brand. POS can also be screened, adding TV spots, static images or remote control presentations. We can also equip them with pressure and motion sensors for even greater customer interaction.

As a strategic partner for your business, we know that the most important thing is to always stand out from the crowd and impress. Our goal is to create sales promotions that are not only unmissable, but also eco-friendly! From the first idea, through the sketch to the final mass production of POS systems. Whatever your product, our teams give the highest level of attention to the projects they are entrusted with. We keep in mind that the product should not have a high environmental impact, must be durable and always be with the client as quickly as possible.

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