Piece by piece

Sampling and production

In order to ensure that each of our products matches our client's exact vision, we have to go through a meticulous process of planning every step of production. We produce in all materials and we can even add multimedia elements to your final product! So if you're wondering how to make a novel POS, read more about the process.

Measure twice!

Did you know that POS doesn't just have to be made of paper? Our portfolio includes wooden POS, cardboard POS and metal POS. We also offer POS made from a variety of plastics and less traditional materials, always to meet the client's vision. Your POS can also be backlit, complete with TV commercials or fitted with motion or pressure sensors, with sound track triggering.

We accurately sample each POS product and perform stress tests if necessary. These mock-ups are used to get a better idea of the final product and at the same time any shortcomings can be fine-tuned accordingly. Only after approval of the prototype do we start serial production.

We produce mainly from cardboard, metal, wood and plastic. The individual production runs separately in specialised plants. We place emphasis on quality control at all stages of production throughout the Authentica Group and on the sustainability of the production itself. In our production and office space of over 12,000 m², products for world-famous brands are created from scratch, which you can see not only in your own neighbourhood, but all over the planet!