Original decoration from cardboard

Cardboard decorations for the C&A brand

We process seasonal and permanent cardboard and paper decorations for our clients. From Christmas-themed products in traditional shapes to descriptive paper decorations for better customer orientation in the shop. We have been working with C&A for a long time and, in addition to the actual development and production, we also take care of the logistics of these products throughout Europe.

Cut out letters

Cut out letters

These orientation signs are located practically throughout the store. They consist of a cardboard base and a back support wall on which specific letters are glued in unprinted brown honeycomb (SKINNY, SLIM, REGULAR, etc.). Approximately thirty types of lettering are regularly produced, usually in sixteen languages. The decorations can be seen almost all over Europe and are being delivered repeatedly for the third year.

Summer shop 2020

Summer shop 2020

In the spring months, we are already regularly involved in the design and production of decorations for the summer swimwear campaign. Backwall panels, gondolas, table covers are repeated, always in a modified design according to current trends. A special decoration with added value is usually developed for a selected fifty European top stores - in 2020 it was a cardboard toucan with a built-in motion sensor. When a customer approached, a themed soundtrack was triggered.

Summer Sale 2021 - Paw Patrol

Summer sale 2021

Throughout the year, we also take on projects that are exclusively for children's clothing windows. There are approximately four hundred of these in Europe. These special projects need proper care and time, and can take several months to develop and produce. In 2021, the theme of the children's favourite film, Paw Patrol, was the winner in collaboration with Nickelodeon. Large cardboard figures of individual canine heroes hung in the windows, and the glass was covered with hexagons made of special holographic film.

Transition 2022 - Harry Potter

Transition 2022

The following year, 2022, the Harry Potter theme appeared in children's windows, this time thanks to a collaboration with Warner Bros. The windows were covered with plotted printed stickers, which were produced in more than ten languages. The flags of the various Hogwarts colleges hung in the background, and the mannequins were placed on different sized pedestals in matching colours.