Offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, flexographic printing

Printing technologies

At Authentica we print inhouse! What does it mean? It means that we can precisely control the production of all our orders! Our print shop is ready for all your projects. Whether it's premium packaging boxes, POS or any other prints.

Screen printing on glass bottles and decorations - NEW

Authentica offers you a unique bottle decoration. We specialize in screen printing "labels" directly onto bottles using the latest and fastest carousel printing technology. It is a modern and perfect alternative to your paper labels. Your unique product deserves unique casing.

Most powerful digital print - NEW

Durst printer WT 250 contains water-based inks. It is 100% environmentally friendly and suitable for printing paper, cardboard, honeycomb - especially for POS, displays and premium packaging.

UV digital printing

The most modern generation of UV flatbed printers with a focus on production printing. 6-colour printing CMYK + light C + light M, with the possibility of partial and full-width printing or underprinting in white.

Surface finishes: printing of embossed and irregular surfaces. Printing on a wide range of rigid and soft materials, e.g. corrugated board, folding carton and paper, laminated board, PVC, HPS and PET boards, plexiglass, glass, dibond, wood, metal, PVC banners and mesh. Ink-jet eco solvent printing on self-adhesive films including lamination according to the supplier's formula.

Offset printing

The world's most widely used printing technique. This technology is used for printing common printed materials such as magazines, newspapers and books. Flat sheets, printed by offset, are further laminated onto various types of cardboard.

Flexographic printing

Printing technology used for direct printing of corrugated boards in high quantities, mainly in the production of industrial and consumer goods packaging.