Your projects from A to Z!

Logistics and service hassle-free

We transport our clients' projects all over Europe and the world! If dealing with the logistics and servicing of your installations is a challenge for you, with us it will be no more. Thanks to our excellent logistics department, your products will always arrive on time and in order. For our clients we also provide installation of all their projects, such as installation and de-installation of shop windows, shop interiors, store equipment and kiosks or stands.

Setting and assembling

We also offer a wide range of services to support your business. Once your POS and POP products have been manufactured, we can fill the racks in our assembly centres with the required goods and deliver them directly to your store anywhere in Europe. We also perform various assembling of your products into boxes and other packaging, labelling, code printing, etc. We are also ready to set the products according to the client's specifications and ship them to their warehouse or to our fulfillment center and if your goods have incorrect packaging, no problem! We will repackage the old goods into new boxes, which you can also produce directly at our company.

Service and installation

For our clients we provide complete installations from A to Z and provide a complete service. From the actual selection and location of the shop, to the production of customized furniture and decorations. These are carefully packed, prepared for transport and sent to the installation site together with our team. On site, we assemble and wire the equipment, including wiring and other professions.