Together we can do the impossible

Our aims and values

Authentica stands on solid foundations, because that is the only way to continue building. It is formed by people with the same value system who together are the heart and soul of the company. They are the driving force, the entity that is constantly evolving and will never be left behind. This strength sets us apart from our competitors, because thanks to it, no project is a challenge for us. The impossible doesn't exist for us.

Our goals
Authentica's goal is to push the established boundaries of in-store and POS communication and logistics. Together with our clients we want to come up with new solutions and ways to better communicate their brand. Thanks to our experience, we know that every client is unique, differing in their communication strategy and product type. That's why our teams are ready to act individually, based on their many years of experience in POS, in-store communication and brand building.

Our values
At Authentica, we know that our wealth comes from our employees, who are the driving force that allows us to keep moving forward. A pleasant and modern working environmen in Brno, close to the strategic transport artery Prague, Bratislava, Vienna. We believe in a friendly company culture, which includes team events, the legendary Friday breakfast and many other little things. We support young talents as well as the education and individual development of our employees.

CSR projects
We have long-term support for charitable projects because we believe that helping is simply a duty. This need is also enshrined in our Code of Ethics, which is essential for all our employees. We work with foundations, but we also support individuals who need our help. Our charity projects are partly financed by the sale of our own printed publications Interior Design Guide, where you can find out about the best interior design cafes and businesses in Prague, Brno and South Moravia.

We're currently helping

For a long time we support Vojtěška, a non-profit organization that supports children and youth with sensory and/or mental disabilities. The association also focuses on information and advisory activities in the field of health, rehabilitation, social and educational care for children. By publishing its own publication, Authentica s.r.o. is able to work closely with this organisation and target its help where it is really needed.

You can find out more about Vojtěška here.

We believe that every person has the right to an elderly life with dignity, which is why we are working with Ježíškova vnoučata! During the last Christmas holidays, thanks to her contacts, we were able to bring joy to seniors almost all over the country. Several thousand books were sent from our Brno headquarters to more than 80 address points, which replenished libraries from Aš to Těšín.

You can find out more about Ježíškova vnoučata here.

We work closely with the Světluška organization, not only through our participation in regular runs, but especially by providing free storage space and fulfillment services in our Fulfillment by Authentica. Our pro bono services are primarily provided by their e-shop, where all profits from sales go towards the running of the organisation itself.

You can learn more about Svetlušca here.

Do you know of any projects that need support? Let us know, we'll try to support your project as well!